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Custom Printed Pouches for Fishing Products

Custom printed fishing bait packaging to make your baits and boilies really stand out. Get in touch to get started with your new packaging project.

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Stand Up Pouches for Fishing Products

Just like a fish is attracted to baits and lures, catching your customers' attention starts with the packaging. Fishing products range from apparel to dried baits, boilies and everything in between. Having the right fishing bait packaging for your product is an essential part of selling your goods. We specialise in printed boilie bags and custom stand up pouches, a flexible, lightweight, protective and cost-effective solution for many fishing products. Whether you’re launching a new fishing bait or looking to improve your current boilie bags, our sustainable packaging specialists are on hand to guide you through the process.

What types of fishing & angling products do we package?

We will always advise our customers if a stand up pouch isn’t the best fit for their goods, but most products can benefit from printed boilie bags and fishing bait packaging. Custom pouches possess many of the qualities needed to safely store many of the fishing products available on the market, from ensuring they stay fresh to making it easy for your customers to use. Here are some examples of the types of fishing products packaged in pouches:


Created from flexible and hardy materials that will survive in fishing environments.

Available in multiple sizes, weights and shapes.

Easily stored fishing products of varying shapes, weights and sizes.

Protects your product from outside contamination, such as bacteria and UV.

Customise the materials used to suit the product your packaging.

Pouches are more sustainable than other market alternatives.

Create and print your design directly onto the pouch.

Add features such as resealable openings, windows, spouts & more.

Pouches are easier to fill than other packaging, reducing wasted space.

There are various finishes available, such as aluminium, clear, matt or gloss.

Make your packaging unique

Pouch customisation options for your Fishing Products

One of the key benefits of pouch packaging is the number of customisation options available. You have a choice over everything from the size and finish to additional features such as windows, spout and more. We’re on hand to offer our expertise throughout the service and advise you on the various options available along the way.

Some of the customisation options are as follows:

Custom colours

Pouch style

Custom graphics

Pouch materials

Zipper/grip seals

Pouch bottom



Outer finish

Gussets & openings


Spout colour

Punched Handle


Get in touch

Why choose SPS Pouches for your Fishing Products

Create your very own printed stand up pouches, spout pouches, aluminium sachets & many more. We offer a fully bespoke service to suit your brand, with competitive pricing and a commitment to customer service.

  • We are market specialists in stand up pouches and packaging design.
  • We only use high quality materials & printing methods.
  • We offer a high level of customer support throughout the process.
  • Our ongoing commitment means we’ll be available for all future prints or new product releases.
  • We have an extensive understanding of how to incorporate sustainability into pouch packaging.
  • We’re always looking into new and innovative ideas we can offer to our customers.
our pouch options

Pouch types we provide for Fishing Products

We specialise in the following pouches for Fishing products, but we do have access to a wide variety of shapes and designs as well as those listed below. If there’s something specific you’re interested in, just let us know, and we’ll advise you on your options.

Sustainable pouch packaging for Fishing Products

Your customers will be well aware of the importance of the environment for maintaining the fish population. We pride ourselves on placing sustainability at the forefront of our processes to ensure the choice of pouch materials is optimised. Sustainability is important, but so is the functionality of your packaging solution, so we can work with you to find the right combination.

Fishing Pouches Enquiry

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