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Custom Printed Coffee Pouches

Custom coffee packaging with our without a valve. Create the perfect coffee pouch for your product by choosing the materials, size, style, features, printing and more. Keep your products fresh and safe while standing out from the crowd.

A collection of stand up pouches for coffee packaging
Photograph of a printed coffee bag by SPS Pouches

The benefits of Coffee Pouches

  • Pouches excel in preserving the freshness and flavour of coffee
  • Prevents exposure to moisture and oxygen, ensuring a longer shelf life and a consistent taste experience
  • Pouches allows for efficient storage and transportation, reducing the risk of damage during handling
  • Less material than traditional rigid packaging, resulting in reduced carbon emissions during shipping
  • Custom pouches showcase a coffee brand's unique identity

Coffee Pouches Customisation Options

Coffee pouches feature a one way system that enables gasses to escape while preventing oxygen from entering the packaging. They’re also high barrier, highly customisable, and an effective way to package a wide range of products. Whether you want to have your branding printed on the coffee pouches, change the material finish, dimensions, shape and more, SPS Pouches are on hand to help. Here are just some of the customisation options available:

Side gusset



Bottom gusset

Open bottom

Side seals

Square bottom

Glossy finish


Spout position

Tear notches

Open top

Bottom seals

Custom colours

Zipper/grip seals

Spout colour

Punched Handle


Don't know where to start?

Let our team guide you through your customisation options and deliver the perfect pouch for your products.

Why choose Coffee Pouches for your products?

If you’re packaging goods that emit gasses and need to be protected from oxygen, a coffee pouch offers a safe way to provide your products without sacrificing customisation and design choices. Benefits of this packaging type include:

  • Protects products from contamination, such as oxygen and UV
  • Easily customisable around your products needs & your brand
  • Bespoke printing and design services to support your branding
  • The flexible materials are flexible, easy to store and transport.
  • They’re more resource-efficient than alternative packaging options
  • Available in various sizes for different products weights and volumes
  • Allows your product to emit gasses
  • Simple for your customers to use
  • Add print designs that will remain vibrant throughout the shelf life of your products

What industries are suited to Coffee Pouches?

This variation on stand up pouches are suited to various product types and industries. Whilst predominantly used for coffee and other similar products, you can also use them for fermented food products. We help companies from various industries understand the unique benefits of each pouch type, and we can offer guidance on which we think would be the best fit.

Coffee & Hot Beverage

Printed coffee pouches & bags with or without a valve. Keep your coffee beans and grinds fresh whilst standing out from the competition. Speak to a coffee packaging specialist today.

  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tea

The Sustainability of Coffee Pouches?

We believe that sustainable packaging should be an important focus for every business selling goods, which is why it’s an integral part of our offering. We remove the confusion out of sustainable packaging and offer our expertise to companies that want to take positive steps to reduce their environmental impact. Learn more about pouch sustainability by visiting our page below.

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High-quality custom printed pouches in a range of styles

We specialise in the following custom pouches, each offering unique features and benefits to the product you want packaged. We’re on hand to support and guide you through the process to make it as simple for you as possible. Don’t see the custom pouch you need? Let us know as we can offer a bespoke alternative for your packaging requirements.

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Let our team guide you through your customisation options and deliver the perfect pouch for your products.